Skål 2!

SKAL Poster 2016 FinalHi! I’m excited to have folks once again come to the Swedish American Museum on Thursday, June 16 to sample beers from all of the Nordic countries and learn a little about the history of Scandinavian beer, as well as what the scene looks like today (so we’ll have some old-school samples of Nordic beer, as well as a couple of examples from newer kids on the block).

Our neighborhood brewery, Metropolitan Brewing, will also be providing beer! This is a good chance to also view the Museum of Danish America‘s traveling exhibit, “Skål!” which covers all aspects of imbibing in Scandinavia and Scandinavian America, from Aquavit to Malört. The exhibit closes on June 19—so, why not come next Thursday and enjoy it while having a beer to sip on? :)

Tickets are available now:

With your purchase you’ll get a custom tasting glass (who doesn’t love a souvenir?) (seems there’s been an ordering issue!), tastings of all of the beers, some Swedish-inspired snacks (who doesn’t love a Swedish meatball?), and all proceeds go towards the Swedish American Museum, which also houses The Brunk Children’s Museum of Immigration. Here’s your chance to drink beer, do some learning, and do good at the same time!

(Also, special shout-out to Josh Bucher, who provided the amazing Viking-inspired poster art for this event)

UPDATE: Here’s the beer list! 


old school:
Carnegie [Stark] Porter
Baltic Porter, 5.5% ABV

new school:
Omnipollo Bianca
Mango Lassi Gose, 6% ABV


Amager / Jester King Danish Metal
Imperial Stout, 10.0% ABV


Olvisholt Lava Smoked Stout
Smoked Imperial Stout, 9.4% ABV


Sinebrychoff Porter
Baltic Porter, 7.2% ABV


HaandBryggeriet Krekling
Belgian-style ale with Norwegian Crowberries, 7% ABV


The Finch Kitchen
Gotlandsdricka, 7.4% ABV